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Portable Dog Water Bottle

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The portable dog water bottle gets you covered in every way if you are thinking of going for that long walk with your pet. It makes the walk exciting for your pet, irrespective of the time and place. The one-hand dog portable water bottle will meet your dog’s drinking needs anytime to ensure they are hydrated, and you will enjoy all the outdoor activities with your best furry friend.

This bottle is made from high-quality BPA-free material, so be sure no chemicals would harm your precious friend. This one-hand watering bottle is lightweight and perfectly fits the car’s and bike’s cup holders. In addition, it features a leak-proof option, so even if you carry it in your bag, you won’t face any mess or spills.


  1. By unlocking and pressing the water key, water is released into the bowl for your pet to drink.
  2. Press the water key to drain unused water back into the bottle, and it won’t waste water.
  3. Lock the water key to prevent accidentally pressing the water key.


2-in-1 Design

Our dog water bottle is combined with a built-in water bowl, which is an easy way to give your furry buddy water to drink while you're on the go. With our 2-in-1 design dog water dispenser, you don't need to carry an extra bowl. Make things easier for you and your furry buddy.

Easy To Use

One-hand operation. One-key open/lock.

Food Grade Material

Our portable dog water bottle, made of premium food-grade plastic, is safe and durable. Eco-friendly and recyclable. The pet water bottle is available in two sizes for your convenience.


Silicone seal ring and lock key design to ensure that water will not seep into your bag. It also can prevent accidental pressing of the water key to release the water. No more worry about getting wet everywhere or wasting water.

Material & Care


  • Food grade plastic


  • Hand wash
  • Dish soap
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