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Personalized Leather Dog Collar


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This personalized leather dog collar made from genuine leather will make your dog look handsome and dignified. It has a superior quality padded lining that gives extra softening to your dog’s skin. The upper layer is made from leather and retains water resistance. The leather dog collar is also easy to care for, especially to clean.

The dog collar is furnished with durable metal hardware. So it’s a good choice for large breeds of dogs.


Personalized Dog Collar

There is enough space for personalized information like a pet name and phone number. So this custom dog collar won't let your dog get lost.

Hight-Quality Materials

The upper side is created with durable leather, and the inner side is padded, which makes it convenient for the owner and the dog. The collar features a solid stainless steel buckle and has a D-ring connector for attaching a leash.

Durable And Strong

This dog's accessory is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. Thick leather, proper width, and firm stitches create stable construction for frequent and lasting use.

Material & Care


  • Leather
  • Stainless steel

Sizing Chart

SizeTotal LengthWidthNeck Adjustable
S13.5″ (34cm)0.6″ (1.7cm)10.0-12.0″ (25-31cm)
M15.5″ (39cm)0.8″ (2.2cm)10.5-13.5″ (27-34cm)
L19.5″ (49cm)1.0″ (2.7cm)13.5-17.0″ (34-43cm)
XL23.0″ (59cm)1.2″ (3.2cm)17.0-20.5″ (43-54cm)
XXL27.0″ (69cm)1.4″ (3.7cm)20.5-24.5″ (53-62cm)
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