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Dog Carrier Backpack

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Many pets experience stress due to separation from their owner, even if it’s only for a short time. At the same time, leaving home can be stressful for some of them. Therefore, a dog carrier backpack is an excellent solution that will allow you not to part with your furry friend. You can place the backpack in front of you or wear it as usual, and the pet will feel safe next to his owner and see all the interesting things happening around.



The dog carrier backpack is perfect for your fluffy friend, especially for a puppy, a dog with separation anxiety, and a senior dog. With this dog chest carrier, you can have various activities with your dog, like walks, public and private transportation, and bicycle ride. The bag is designed for the pet's and its owner's needs.

Fully Adjustable

This carrier backpack is available in different colors and three sizes (S, M, L) and fits small and medium-sized pets. It features a convertible top with a head hole. So you can put your dog in the carrier bag and close it with easy-pull zippers and adjustable toggle fastening. The carrier can be worn both ways: front and back. Adjustable padded straps make it comfortable to wear.

Secure & Safe

It has a crossbody strap for minimizing all erratic movements during walking. There is also a collar hookup inside that provides secure fixation and safety.


The design of the dog carrier allows your dog to observe everything that is happening around them. The pet can get absolute pleasure from walks and, at the same time, feel protected, being close to the owner. There is a hard bottom and breathable materials for added comfort. The backpack also has pockets where you can put treats and your friend's favorite toys.

Material & Care


  • Polyester
  • Breathable


  • Hand wash
  • Air dry

Sizing Chart

SizeDog's Weight (lbs)H x W x D (in)
Sup to 6.513.0x11.8x6.3
Mup to 1317.7x14.0x8.3
Lup to 2221.6x16.0x9.4
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