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The Dog Back Bag design is based on years of research and feedback from loyal customers. With additional storage, padding, and ventilation the Dog Back Bag is built for intermediate hikes, bike rides, and long walks. So you never have to leave your best friend behind! It's perfect for dogs with separation anxiety, elderly dogs, injured dogs, or just puppies that want to tag along!

Fully adjustable

It features ventilated sides for the full al-fresco effect, easy-pull zippers, adjustable side pockets for all your essentials, and has a collar hookup D-ring for added safety. Wear on the front or back.

Secure & Safe

Two side strap pockets allow you to store treats & toys and adjust to the perfect fit. The crossbody strap minimalizes all erratic movement to keep your precious cargo cozy, even when you're on the move.


Designed so your dog has uninhibited visibility and engagement, and can join in on all the fun! Features a thick interior bottom pad, and is made with extremely breathable fabric so your pup stays cool.

Material & Care


  • Polyester
  • Breathable


  • Hand wash
  • Air dry

Sizing Chart

SizeDog's Weight (lbs)H x W x D (in)
Sup to 6.513.0x11.8x6.3
Mup to 1317.7x14.0x8.3
Lup to 2221.6x16.0x9.4
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