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Squeaky Catnip Ball


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Our squeaky catnip ball makes playtime with your cat more exciting with the treat-stuffing and animal sound features. This toy set is perfect for stuffing with your cat’s favorite treats and tossing to send your playful feline running after playing ball. It’s a great and rewarding way to add much-needed physical exercise to your cat’s day and stimulate his instinct to pounce, chase, and hunt.

Cats love playing around with things, especially toys with strange sounds. Our interactive cat toy can make animal sounds while cats touch them. It makes an enriching activity your kitty can enjoy with you or while it home alone.



You can add catnip inside the ball. For this, it has a small hole with a lid. Just open it and put in some catnip, close it, and that's it - your small cute predator can enjoy its favorite toy. It can stimulate the cat to do physical activity to stay healthy.

Simulate Real Sounds

Simulate the authentic sounds of different animals to attract cats' attention and stimulate natural hunt instinct. There are balls of different colors and sounds: blue - frog sound, yellow - cricket sound, and pink - bird sound.

Smart Tap Trigger

This squeaky cat toy has a built-in high-sensitivity sensor, which makes a sound as long as the cat's paw touches the ball. Catnip toys with funny animal sounds can bring fun to your kitty and increase its activities.


These cat toys are created of soft materials for pets. So that the cat can safely scratch and bite it. Bright colors make it easier to get your cat's attention.

Material & Care


  • Smooth EVA
  • Faux fur
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