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It’s worth paying attention to our Self-Cleaning Pet Brush. If you find your pet’s hair everywhere – on furniture, on a couch, on clothes, and in other places where it should not be, Pets-99 brush is definitely what you need. Now you can groom at home, saving time and money, and your pet will be happy to receive a pleasant massage. You’ll especially enjoy cleaning the slicker brush. All you have to do is press a button, and the fur will easily separate.


No Unwanted Hair

Every cat or dog owner faces this problem - finding pet hair in various places in the home is very annoying. Your furry friend walks somewhere, and its fur will remain there. It's on the bed, on the couch, on your clothes; it's where it shouldn't be. By brushing your pet regularly, you will get rid of unwanted hair. Our dog or cat hair brush is the best way to do this.


Cleaning a regular pet brush of hair can be challenging - it gets stuck between the bristles. It's a lot of fun to groom with our self-cleaning brush, designed to take care of this problem in a couple of seconds. The fur will be removed easily.

Relieve Tension & Muscle Pain

The brush has 232 soft bristles, which can remove loose hair and improve blood circulation, thereby reducing muscle pain. So your fluffy friend can spend the grooming time with benefit and pleasure.

Save Time & Energy Grooming

Grooming an animal is relatively inexpensive but requires enough effort and time. Some pets can also experience stress. Therefore, an excellent solution is the permanent constant care of the animal's fur. The brush also allows you to increase the level of trust of the pet. No stress - just a well-groomed look and a pleasant time.

Material & Care


  • ABS Plastic
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