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Elevated Cat Bowl

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This elevated cat feeding station is specially prepared for your pet. Bowl’s material is food-grade plastic, which is strong, tough, non-toxic, and safe for your pet. With the help of 15° platform tableware, eating or drinking water is comfy and protects the cat’s neck.

Our elevated cat bowl is made of advanced high-quality material that can keep the bowl in its original color for a long time, and the stand is made of ABS material, which is durable and stable when used. The cat bowls are removable and easy to take it out to wash and keep clean. The simple and modern design also looks great in your home.

The double cat bowl design offers easy eating and comfortable drinking for your cats. Also, you can choose this one for feeding two cats.


Leak Proof

Elevated cat feeder keeps the dishes securely in place and prevents the bowl from clanging or leaking through and puddling on the floor.

Reduce Neck Burden

Comfortable feeding height of the raised cat bowl supports digestive health and makes mealtime more comfortable for your cat with arthritis, neck, or back problems. Your aging or injured cats can eat without pain.

Easy To Clean

Cat bowls with a stand are removable, so keeping them clean is very easy.

Non-Slip Base

The platform is anti-overturned with a non-slip sticker at the bottom; not easy to shift and pour, and it's more stable and comfortable for your cats to eat.

Material & Care


  • Bowl: plastic (PC)
  • Stand: plastic (ABS)


  • Hand wash only

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