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Cactus Cat Scratching Post With Wooden Base


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We are introducing our Cactus Cat Scratching Post – the perfect addition to your cat’s playtime!

Our cat furniture is simple and durable, exuding a calm and elegant atmosphere. The cactus-shaped design also adds a touch of fun and personality to your home, providing your cat with endless entertainment.

Treat your beloved feline to the ultimate scratching and playing experience with our cactus cat scratcher. Order this cat tree now and give your cat the gift of comfort, style, and endless fun!


To keep your cat scratching post in top condition, avoid long-term cleaning with water. Instead, use a soft brush or vacuum.


Toy Ball

The toy ball provides your cat with an additional source of entertainment and encourages interactive play. Whether your cat is batting at the ball, chasing it around the post, or simply nuzzling it, this toy keeps them engaged and stimulated for hours. Additionally, interactive play is a great way to bond with your cat and promote their physical and mental well-being. So, let the fun and games begin with the cute cat scratching post and its included toy ball!

Sisal Rope

The post is made from wild sisal, a natural fiber that is highly durable and resistant to scratching. It means your cat can scratch its heart's content without damaging the post or leaving unsightly marks on your furniture. Additionally, sisal rope is a popular material for scratching posts as it provides a texture many cats find appealing.

Wooden Base

The wooden base provides a stable and secure foundation for the sisal scratching post, ensuring it stays upright during vigorous play sessions. This means your cat can climb, scratch, and play without the post wobbling or tipping over, providing a safe and comfortable environment to explore and relax. Additionally, the wooden base adds a touch of natural beauty to the scratcher, complementing its eco-friendly and durable design.

Material & Care


  • Sisal rope
  • Wood
  • Plastic


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft brush
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